About us

The Church of God in San Diego

The World Mission Society Church of God was established in 1964 in South Korea, a far-off land in the East.

Like a beacon of light shining from the East, the blessing of God the Father and God the Mother has spread to the West, even to beautiful San Diego.

The sun shines brightly, and the ocean breeze blows gently across the beautiful landscape of sunny San Diego.  As the city enjoyed this paradise on earth, the Church of God was quietly established in 2002.  The miracle of eternal life spread quickly throughout San Diego and its surrounding areas.  Although the Church of God had humble beginnings, with the love and blessing of God, it rapidly grew.  Now there are two main churches in the city of Santee and Chula Vista.  These two churches grew and established 18 branch churches in the span of 14 short years.  We are all part of a Worldwide Church network, spanning across 175 Countries, with 7,500 Churches of God, and More than 3,300,000 members.

The progress and expansion of the Church of God are proof that God is truly at work. The San Diego Church of God has been spreading the love of God the Father and God the Mother in many different ways.  We’ve held numerous community service events, orchestral concerts and even mega blood drives.

By the grace of Elohim, the Church of God has become a precious safe haven for heavenly brothers and sisters.  We gather for fellowship and to study the loving words of God.  We invite all who are thirsty for the water of life (words of God) and long for the truth of life, to come visit the San Diego Church of God.  Take a break from the beach and receive some spiritual light by studying the Bible!

For more information please do not hesitate to ask!